PFD Miami

Physical Facilities Department

Cole Service Building
101 South Fisher Drive
Oxford, OH 45056

Hours of Operation

Business Hours: Monday - Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Facilities Operations Center

Hours of Operation

Business Hours
Monday - Friday: 7:00 am - Midnight
Saturday - Sunday: 7:00 am - 7:00 pm

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PFD Contact List

Voice: (513) 529-7000
Fax: (513) 529-1732

Name Title E-mail Phone
Cody Powell Associate VP of Facilities Planning and Operations 529-7070
Jeremy Davis Senior Director of Operations 529-7018
Julie Schlichter Administrative Assistant 529-7070
Emma Lester Program Associate 529-7070
John Seibert Director of Planning, Architecture, & Engineering 529-2354
Sheila Barger Director, PFD Business Services 529-4915
Elizabeth Davidson Director of Facilities Contracting 529-2453
Jeff Johnson Director, Environmental Health and Safety 529-1723
Doug Hammerle Director, Energy Systems 529-1696
Brandon Burke Director of Lean Initiatives & Quality 529-3947

Voice: (513) 529-7262
Fax: (513) 529-1732

Name Title E-mail Phone
Stacy Decker Director of Building Services 529-4211
Dave Wiseman Building Services Manager 529-7267
Kathy Parrett Building Services Manager 529-7267
Earl Stanley Building Services Manager 529-7267
Andrew Bechtol Building Services Manager 529-7267
Brad Clark Events Manager 529-8012
Kevin Cole Building Services Manager 529-3356
Jay Barden Building Services Manager 529-4097
Joe Suman Building Services Manager 529-5560
Mike Jacquemin Building Services Manager 529-7256
Rob Brock Building Services Manager 529-9365
Jeff Leytham Building Services Manager 529-3327

Voice: (513) 529-7262
Fax: (513) 529-1732

Name Title E-mail Phone
Gerald Geil Director of Grounds 529-7022
Danny Bertsch Sr. Grounds Manager 529-7005
Brandon Pitman Grounds Manager 529-7297
Paul Frazier Ground Manager 529-2822

Voice: (513) 529-6111

Name Title E-mail Phone
Steve Feck Senior Operations Manager 529-3618
Isidro Carrero Asst. Mgr, Electric Shop 529-0492
Dusty Hill Asst. Mgr, HVAC Shop 529-7023
Lucas Thacker Asst. Mgr, Multi Trades 529-2833
Dave Merriman Asst. Mgr, Carpentry & Multi Trades 529-2258
Phillip Bowling Asst. Mgr, Multi Trades 529-1619
Jerry Hickey Asst. Mgr, Multi Trades 529-6639
Sam Pence Asst. Mgr, Multi Trades 529-2422
Barry Krauth Asst. Mgr, Trucking & Fleet Services 529-3332
Dusty Hill Asst. Mgr, Plumbing 529-7023
Roy Lucas Senior Building & Grounds Manager 529-9654

Voice: (513) 529-4905
Fax: (513) 529-4101

Name Title E-mail Phone
John Seibert Director of Planning, Architecture, & Engineering 529-2354
Lisa Vaillancourt Campus Planner 529-1722
Ann Scrimizzi Facility Planner 529-2354
Ted Christian Project Manager 529-3196
Connie McCarthy Senior Project Architect/Manager 529-7006
Tony Yunker Associate Director of Non Capital Projects 529-1722
Robert Bell Project Architect/Manager 529-0291
Mike Smith Interior Designer 529-2361
Rick Costello Engineering Designer 529-6802
Mike Creager Project Manager 529-0184
Dan Patterson Project Manager/Electrical 529-2857
Joel Fellman Project Manager/Electrical 529-3585
Bob Clontz Project Manager/Electrical 529-3593
Richard Russell Project Architect/Manager 529-7000
Kevin Morris Project Architect/Manager 529-2693
Ric Rohlfer Construction Administrator 529-2130
Jack Zeinner Construction Administrator 529-1664
Robert Collins Construction Administrator 529-0253
John Porchowsky Project Manager 529-2610
Glenn Moss Project Manager 529-7013
Scott Rein Project Engineer 529-0169
Marilyn Heflin Project Architect/Manager 529-3955
Tricia Price Project Manager 529-3484
Daniel Accrocco Project Manager 529-0134
Janet Little Interior Design Project Manager 529-3485
Andrew Burwinkel Project Manager 529-3667
Ethan Dole Project Manager 529-8087
Tim LaGrange Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager 529-9553
Donald Van Winkle Mechanical Engineer/Project Manager 529-0252

Voice: (513) 529-7070
Fax: (513) 529-1732

Name Title E-mail Phone
Doug Hammerle Director of Energy Systems 529-1696
Mark Lawrence Utility Systems Manager 529-9567
Scott Lessing Senior Electrical Operations Manager 529-8036
Jeff Wyatt Bld. Automation Systems Engineer 529-2591
Larry Davidson Geothermal Systems Operations Manager 529-7000
Jason Underwood Commissioning Engineer 529-7000

Hamilton Campus
Voice: (513) 785-3227
Fax: (513) 785-3190

Name Title E-mail Phone
Scott Brown Director 785-3227

Middletown Campus
Voice: (513) 727-3202
Fax: (513) 727-3297

Name Title E-mail Phone
Chuck Mack Director 727-3377
Patricia Hunter Senior Clerk, Middletown Campus 727-3202

Voice of America
Voice: (513) 895-8862

Name Title E-mail Phone
Rod Nimtz Director 895-8865

Voice: (513) 529-7037

Name Title E-mail Phone
Chris Weitzel Temp Manager 529-7037

Voice: (513) 529-6111

Name Title E-mail Phone
Christina Schrodt-Harrison Access Control Coordinator 529-9890
Peggy Beckett Customer Service Coordinator 529-9888

If we can help you with a query or problem please let us know.
All maintenance & service requests..................529-6111